Pure Research Oils

 Pure Research Oils is a supplier of chemical samples intended for use in research.
Buyer must be at least eighteen years old to purchase products from this website.
Please read the entire Terms & Conditions section of the website before placing an order.
The chemical samples are not a food, drug or cosmetic and should never be considered safe for human consumption.

Buyers who we believe are not adhering to the Terms & Conditions will be refused sales.


Read Below Before Placing an Order!

Return Policy:  No returns accepted. The only acceptable instance for a return is if the package
 is if rejected upon delivery and does not leave possession of USPS.

Reship Policy: If the tracking number shows the package delivered to the address you provided at checkout - 
We will not be responsible for a replacement package.
It is your responsibility to ensure you can reliably receive packages at the address you provide.


Payment options:

   1.) Credit/ Debit Cards..
2.) Zelle                          .
3.) Money Order               .
4.) Bitcoin         .


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