ANNOUNCEMENT: Pure Research Oils is CLOSED

PRO has been indefinitely closed since 05/22/2019
Due to our current circumstance we have no plans to reopen the company.
Any changes to plans will be announced on our public FaceBook page.
Thank you to the many customers we have served over the past 2 years.
Anyone who has placed any order since 05/22/2019 will be refunded.

 Pure Research Oils is a supplier of chemical samples intended for use in research.
Buyer must be at least eighteen years old to purchase products from this website.
Please read the entire Terms & Conditions section of the website before placing an order.
The chemical samples are not a food, drug or cosmetic and should never be considered safe for human consumption.

Buyers who we believe are not adhering to the Terms & Conditions will be refused sales.


Read Below Before Placing an Order!

Return Policy:  No returns accepted. The only acceptable instance for a return is if the package
 is rejected upon delivery and does not leave possession of USPS.
Please see our Official Reship Policy in our Terms & Conditions


Payment options:

Credit Card Payments will be down for an indefinite amount of time. 
The Industry has been cracked down on by VISA and Mastercard. Finding Suitable solutions is extremely hard. Please bear with us while we find another solution. In the meantime please use Venmo or Zelle as they are fast and easy. 
Just follow the instructions on the confirmation page. Venmo allows you to pay via Credit Card or Linked bank account. Most banks now use a money transfer option called Zelle. 
If you are not sure if your bank has this option to send payment to an email or phone number please ask. Zelle Is our Preferred payment method if you have access to it.


We use Bitcoins!

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